We connect spirits, actualize lives, and celebrate uniqueness.

We provide guidance in ceremonies, help you navigate end-of-life experiences, offer in-person classes exploring energy centers and light, and share inspiring stories that challenge you to seek new experiences.



We provide guidance in ceremonies that celebrate life changes by illuminating your special soul signature. Ceremonies include, but are not limited to, weddings, baptisms, vigils, funerals, life celebrations, etc. Whatever special moment you wish to make memorable, we can help.


We help you navigate how to anticipate and facilitate an end-of-life experience. It is important that you are able to bring your own light into the space with the loved one who is leaving our world. Your spirit will connect with theirs and others, making the experience one of love and honor.




In these in-person, chakra-based classes, you will learn how to manage your spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual gifts. Through interactive reading, yoga instruction, and guided meditation, we will help you explore your story, magnify your gifts, enable you to connect with others in an even more meaningful way. 


In religion, we call it spirits.

In science, we call it energy.

In the streets, we call it vibes.

All I'm saying is trust it.


get inspired

Check out our blog, Living the Light, where we . . . 

Remember loved ones and realize the legacy created by their connection with us on this life plane. 


Enable you to consider times when you challenged yourself and invite you to seek new experiences


Explore special ceremonies and rituals and demonstrate how you can plan a significant event of your own.



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