Some days you will be the light for others, and some days you will need some light from them.  As long as there is light, there is hope, and there is a way.              Jennifer Gayle

What made the bank teller a teacher?…………………………..

What drew me to John was his British accent.  He is a bank teller and I always make sure he handles my transactions, just so I can hear the lilt of his native tongue.

He had served as an executive on a cruise line.  He loved the industry, he loved the high sea adventures.   In one of his travels, he met a woman from Oregon and they fell in love.  It was a quandary.  She loved her upwardly mobile life in Oregon. He loved the advantages of international travel.

He left the cruise line and moved to Oregon.  She continued to move up in her job to one of the highest ranks available.  He now works part time at the bank and takes care of the daily needs of the children.

I held her ladder steady”, he said.  Thanks to his loving contribution to her life, she met her dreams.

The art of soul searching

I felt a catch in my throat when he said that the first time.  It resonated deeply as I questioned my own life.  I wondered, “Have I ever held the ladder steady?”

I did not raise children, but I know many parents who stepped away from their own path in order to hold the ladder for their offspring.

My husband and I had a comfortable household with a steady income.  I always thought that we held the ladder for the other.

In reality, he held my ladder steady as I traveled and worked weekends and evenings.  I know many husbands who would not have tolerated my employment lifestyle.  Now I see that it was the core of love that held that ladder steady.  Only now was I realizing it was his part of sharing his light.

“In the deepest sense, holding the ladder steady ………….runs through layers of our being into that place in us that reaches out to another in a deeply loving way.”

It is part of the Soul’s code…………………….

In the deepest sense, holding the ladder steady is much more than a monetary arrangement or a change of life choice.  It runs through layers of our being into that place in us that reaches out to another in a deeply loving way.

It reaches into our Light.  It is a place that fully realizes our connection to another, to all.  It manifests in our generous life choices.  More importantly, it is celebrated as a sacred act of unity.

As I become more in tune with the love energy where my soul resides, my purpose is to be aware of the love I can give to people who I recognize need my support. Staying present to the possibilities is our task.  Then we can lift each other upward energetically from that place of holy ground, simply by holding that ladder.

Photography by Caren Ann Jackson