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“It is important to approach dying with a strong back and a loving heart.”


—Roshi Joan Halifax (paraphrased)

Spirits Connecting offers training for those who are committed to the compassionate and empowering approach of service to a person who is dying. Our classes, which are led by trained End-Of-Life Doulas, will help you learn how to help those you serve create a legacy of their lives, how to prepare meaningful vigils, and how to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support during those crucial, final days. Our classes can also help you support loved ones and help them navigate their grief in its early stages.


What will you learn from these workshops?


The learning you seek may not be a person who is in their final act of dying. This learning helps us prepare now.  All of us should think about creating the legacy of our lives to leave our loved ones and their descendants. Legacy planning goes beyond the estate, the trust, etc. It is the gift we leave that shows how we lived, and why we mattered.


As we plan our end of life, we can set the tone of our exit to be a personal one of honor and grace bestowed by those we love. It is the assurance that those we love know how to honor us that brings the ultimate love into the final days. This training can help you and your family plan your final vigil, from who attends to objects and songs that reflect your personal journey.

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The third item of teaching is how we provide compassionate companionship not only to the person leaving this world, but to those left behind who begin their healing. For the dying person, you will learn helpful actions that provide comfort physically, emotionally or spiritually. For those left behind, you will learn how to be a supportive and loving presence in their time of grief. The path of love.

Class content


Our classes are derived from training from the teachers who have done the hard work of learning how to help the dying experience be one of loving kindness. Cheryl uses the skills not only of the End-Of-Life Doula training, but also the training from such spiritual teachers in this field such as Ram Dass, Mirabai Bush, Frank Ostaseski, and Roshi Joan Halifax. These and many others have brought a compassionate approach to the realm of dying to alleviate the sterile environment of medical activity by empowering loved ones and the dying to reach a goodbye from their empowered heart.


Joan Manuel will be sharing her own skills in this area with experience in the teachings of NODA (No One Dies Alone).  Her experience in supportive companionship to both the dying and the loved ones involved is vast, and continues to help many on their journey of grief and healing. You can read more about Joan here.