I was born and raised on Dane Lane. My father was raised on the east side of Dane Lane. My mother was born on the west side of . . . yes, Dane Lane. I am a thoroughbred Dane. I was raised to be social, to dance the polka in the barn, to eat breakfast with lots of Danes in my grandparents’ backyard.

Over the years, I won awards for performing, gathered groups together to create change and had a “high-power” job building a small state agency into one that had a powerful presence in the field of tourist guidance. 

But none of those achievements were in cadence with the spiritual and personal pulse that I brought to the world as a premature baby ready to take on Dane Lane. 

Fortunately, I rediscovered that pulse as I spent nights and weekends studying at seminaries while I did my day job. This has allowed me to officiate many personally designed celebrations

I also found the pulse when my best friend and spiritual mentor was dying. That experience led me to learn the power of providing light filled presence, joining the family in facilitating an exit bursting with Grace. I am now an End-of-Life Doula, eager to teach practices that are empowering and honoring.

Since my early adulthood I’ve felt the pulse as I learned from a variety of teachers from a plethora of faith traditions. I know that we have powerful access to a Spiritual light in our soul, in our body and in our minds. The Journey through the Rainbow class is designed to help you reach the same freedom that I experience now, just like those joyful times of Dane Lane where we lived from our hearts.

I can’t wait to meet you and walk with you on your journey.