I was born and raised on Dane Lane. My father was raised on the east side of Dane Lane. My mother was born on the west side of . . . yes, Dane Lane. I am a thoroughbred Dane. I was raised to be social, to dance the polka in the barn, to eat breakfast with lots of Danes in my grandparents’ backyard.

Over the years, I won awards for performing, gathered groups together to create change and had a “high-power” job building a small state agency into one that had a powerful presence in the field of tourist guidance. 

But none of those achievements were in cadence with the spiritual and personal pulse that I brought to the world as a premature baby ready to take on Dane Lane. 

Fortunately, I rediscovered that pulse as I spent nights and weekends studying at seminaries while I did my day job. This has allowed me to officiate many personally designed celebrations.. READ MORE

Moving forward on my spiritual path has been a motivating element in my daily life for many years.  I have been blessed to cross paths with teachers who have influenced my life in a myriad of ways. A few years ago I took a giant leap of faith and became a certified yoga teacher under the heartfelt guidance of Dr. Zohra Campbell.  It continues to be a life-changing experience…. READ MORE

Jessica Amos wants to live in a world where everyone knows how valuable and worthy of love they are. Always!

As a meditation teacher, she’s regularly featured on Insight Timer, the #1 meditation app in the world, and internationally known for her TEDx Talk about healing anxiety through presence and self-connection… READ MORE

Joan Manuel has been a life long learner and teacher of all things spiritual and of the heart.  In the past years I’ve enjoyed teaching people how to empower themselves using proven energy techniques and the power of gratitude.  I am now enthusiastic about the area of compassionate companionship with the dying and their loved ones…  READ MORE