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What is Spirits Connecting?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

We are all spirits connecting. In fact, science has proven that we are connecting in ways we don’t even realize, yet it’s a powerful connection that can change the world.

Spirits Connecting is first and foremost a program about energy. Our blog posts, social media posts, and other writings explore the spiritual aspects of energy, and teaches people how we can remodel our pwn energy to raise our vibration. The end result is a life well lived. An energy-filled life has a high frequency that focuses on joy, happiness, gratitude, and most of all, a celebration of our God-given gifts.

It's the Vibrations!

What do we mean by vibrations? Have you ever been around a person and immediately found yourself mentally and psychically wanting to move away from them? Or, have you ever found that you met a person and you felt you’ve “come home”?

It’s the vibrations! Just like Albert Einstein said—everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. But we are not solely victims to the vibrations of the universe. We can access them and learn to control them to better our lives. Spirits Connecting offers insight on how to do just that.

Change Was My Catalyst

This is my story of how I reconnected with the universe after a period of great loss. We all experience periods in our lives where we feel cut-off from the light and joy we once felt. These times often feel dark and empty. However, sometimes they can be the very catalyst that re-energizes us and enables us to not only access our inner light again, but also make it shine even brighter. Spirits Connecting wants to help people find that catalyst in their own lives.

Recently, I was faced with a major loss that leveled me to a frantic being of victimhood. Two months into COVID, my husband’s brother died in a house fire. Two months later, his sister died of Alzheimer’s. In the fall, our second home on the beautiful Santiam river burned in raging wildfires. In the following February, the acreage of woods behind our primary home was decimated by an ice storm, taking away the beautiful trees that we had treasured since we purchased the home.

I felt my life was over, that my worth had diminished significantly from the exciting world I had been forced to leave.

This time, change was my catalyst. One day during this period of grief and loss, I decided that I no longer wanted to dwell in my dark feelings. I reached back into teachings about energy systems and realized that I had a lot of self-discover to do.

These learnings and practices worked for me. Even despite having lost so much, I was able to create a foundation of stability and optimism in my life.

Now, it is my goal to share what I have learned with others so that they too can find light amidst the dark periods of their lives. No matter where we are or what has happened in our lives, we can reconnect with our individual light and shine.

Where can I learn how to reconnect with my light?

Spirits Connecting produces a blog called "Living the Light," where we published articles that explore all aspects of light, life, and energy. You can check it out here.

Currently, I am also compiling a book that will contain all of the teachings I have found integral to reconnecting with our unique light. The working title is Journey through the Rainbow—Traveling in Your Unique Light.

Originally, Spirits Connecting was going to host in-person classes that included these teachings as well as meditations and yoga practices. However, COVID has made meeting in person quite a challenge, so classes that had been set to take place a year and a half ago are still not possible. However, this isn’t the end of it. As we watch the world come to grips with safety in gatherings, keep an eye out for opportunities that will bring you to the energies of yoga or Qi Gong or deep meditation.

Watch for special announcements, for opportunities, and for inspirational stories on this website. Let’s let our spirits connect.

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