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When Truths Compete

There are times when I find myself in a situation where I believe I know what my role is, how I should move forward, and begin immediately on that assuredness. At those times, however, I might feel resistance from another, and I respond with confusion and judgment. I ask myself, "Why am I doing this if the other person is so determined to change my direction?" I may even find some others to look at the situation and support my view and not theirs.

It's at those times, when my ego is adamant about the truth I have formed in my logical mind, that I learn to listen to a Higher call. I then realize that the other person has a truth as strong and vital as mine. I realize that when I dismiss that possibility, I am also part of the resistance. No matter what I do, and how well, the energy in the project is flattened by the disrupted flow of competing truths.

If I can fix it, I do. I allow for a conversation to be heard, so empathy for the other is freely given and their need is honored. If it is too late to allow for their needs because the project has progressed too far, then I humbly apologize for my role and my incorrect perceptions. I make sure there is no room for judgment on my part. I vow to listen more fully in the future. I raise my vibration through forgiveness and compassion for all who are involved, and vow to focus on honor for that person in every communication we have.

This is what love looks like. This is my Soulful Self in action.

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