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Philanthropist and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, chooses an annual personal theme. Her theme this year (2019) is “Shine.” This does not mean that she wants to shine bright from all of her incredible gifts to the world. It means she believes that “everyone has a light in them—how do we help them shine?”



The Journey through the Rainbow class helps others shine. We find and honor our light and then help others find theirs. That light energy expands and flows on, igniting others.

This class is designed to help people see how the small self within each of us operates with self-protection and limiting beliefs. The small self makes life choices in reaction to worldly expectations and judgments, as well as their own internal world of self-doubt and fear.



We are energetic beings swimming in the sea of energy, but too often we find ourselves lost in the depths of the world’s complications, blindly navigating the waters without the knowledge of how to swim on our own. The Journey through the Rainbow class offers a navigational guide to this field of light, which is the source of our spark.

All of us came to the world with our own light deep within, a soul purpose uniquely ours, and a glow that can only be dimmed by our limited beliefs that deter us from our light.  The more present we are with our own energy that vibrates with our own truth, the more we live joyfully in our own light. We are empowered.

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On the other hand, the class will also help people access their magnificent self, which is our point of light. As we clear our way into our own light, we have a magical unfolding of synchronicity that is effortless and joy filled, without insecurity, inner conflicts, and self-doubt. That is the place where we respond to our lives from that deep place where the soul resides.

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The work of the chakras is an inward journey to claiming our wholeness. It is using all of the tools for clearing our energy. Like a Kintsugi bowl, we learn to honor our own cracks because we know the golden light brightens us with each acknowledgment and acceptance of the openings into our souls throughout our lives. Ascending from the red of the root chakra to the descending brilliant white of the crown is the Journey through the Rainbow.



The content of this class holds the wisdom of indigenous cultures, mystics, scientists, and contemporary teachers. The course provides a deep dive into the self by exploring life lessons from each chakra.

  • During the class, you will participate in rituals and meditations that will take you to a deeper place within yourself, enabling you to move energy into healing and expansion.

  • You will learn specific yoga routines for each chakra to further take you into that realm of energetic wholeness.

  • Once you have learned the basics of each chakra, you will be given access to resources to go deeper into any area that resonates from your soul. These resources including additional teachers, artistic gatherings, books and a private Facebook page where you can learn from each other through the rainbow journey.



Classes open in March 2020, but until then, we are eager to share our progress with you as our team works on creating our classes.


Our team is comprised of three devotees of spiritual growth, intent on enhancing the light of our world. Kathy Lelack-Green and Jessica Amos are facilitators alongside Cheryl in this upcoming class. If you would like to be an early recipient of this information, please let us know by emailing us at