We offer you so many opportunities to complement your journey!

The year 2020 and beyond holds bright and enlightening workshops.

You will learn about opening your energy to allow your light to shine even brighter to this world that needs us to be empowered and inspirational.

You will learn about how to guide those who are dying so that they are honored and included in their last days, and how loved ones can be comforted, supported and understood as they move through their grief.

In the meantime, Spirits Connecting owner, Cheryl Gribskov, is here to help you celebrate any important event that you feel needs a ritual.  Weddings are her specialty, with your words and the location of your choice.  Celebrations of life are important events that truly bring the memory and the legacy of the person who has passed to those who bring their hearts to the ritual.

You may desire to celebrate a loving goodbye to a relationship, ending with honor and respect, or a celebration of moving forward after conquering a terminal disease.

Explore these opportunities with Cheryl by contacting her at [email protected]